Jun 20, 2009

About Pragya Jain

Pragya Jain, a graduate of the Delhi College of Art, New Delhi, has been pursuing art for ten years in India and abroad. She has made positive inroads into the contemporary art scene in New York, Boston, Bangalore and New Delhi.

The pristine lines of determined geometry that adorn her canvases are favoured by viewers for their clean contours. Her colour palette ranges from sharp black and white contrasts to a fine merger of contiguous blends. Fascinated by the drama of opposites attracted towards each other, Pragya reveals an entirely different personality in her works, where the squared segments box in her ideas into compartmented cellular arrangements, suggesting a narrative born of questioning, statements on current trends, and the need to focus on issues in a systematic manner.

The growth pattern in her art is visible through a striving to explore. They reveal her findings through colours, design, and evocative imagery being integrated into a vision of grace, spirituality and happiness.

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