Nov 26, 2009

A perspective experiment

Hello All!

Let me try to explain it first by telling you how this
idea kicked off:

It was an idea that’s been in my head the past few
years and was recently rekindled by my grand mom.

My granny lives in a town area in Kerala. I visited her
sometime last year and during that time, i decided to
explore the area (which was something i never used to
do before).

I trekked along till i reached an area of land i had
to climb. I climbed the tiny step-hill and reached
the top. The place was very unkempt. I don’t mean
untidy with litter, but with every plant or tree
living in an extremely overgrown state.
After walking the top for a small while, i reached a

This was no ordinary well.

It was enormous!
And it was abandoned.

I would guess its diameter would be around the length
of 2 cars put together.
To me, that’s big… for a well.

A tree trunk branches out sideways from one side of
the well. I’m thinking, this is the sort of place that
would be told in ghost stories or would be seen in
horror movies. Even when i look down the well, i find
no bottom… just a layer of mist.

I go down the hill and with what broken Malayalam i know, i ask people around about the well.

They don’t know about it.

I ask my grand mom, my uncle and others in my family…
They were not completely aware of the well…
They were aware of another well like it, but the
people around were using it….

This was when they started speculating as to whose
land it could have been…

That it could have been a common well…
It could have been a well used by the people who used to be apart
of its former kingdom. Hence there was talk of a king
who used to rule…
That the well was abandoned because it was thought to
be poisoned..

Just speculations. But interesting to hear… because
there’s something unknown
and we were almost creating a history for it.

A parallel:
Theres a game called ‘The Chinese Whisper’. It’s a
game i played as a kid. You have a bunch of people and
one person has a story to tell. This person whispers
the story to the person beside him/her.

It is whispered only once.

As one person whispers to the next, impressions of the
story are passed on to the next person. Once the story
has reached full circle to the original whisperer, the
original story is then compared to the last story told.

The story usually ends up as a mutation, a distortion
of the original story. That was the climax of the game
to most of us then.

What i’m interested in doing is experimenting..
Not on distortion,
But on perspective.

I have written a piece of text.
And i‘m inviting a bunch of you, to have fun with it.

Translate it in any way you feel… but eventually, i’d
like to see it on paper…

You can do it in any style you please, present it on
any kind of paper, and design it any manner you wish.

You can do it like a comic strip, as a drawing, as
abstraction, as photographs, as paintings, as text, as
sculptures (and later take its photo), using numbers,
using, formulas, as video, as dance, as an idea for a
theatre, as lyrics or notations to a song or
soundscape, computer programing, origami, etc.

You can even just collect things around you that
remind you of what ever is written.
Or maybe you’re comfortable expressing it by making
yourself a cup of coffee.. or scratching a wall…

w a y
y o u
p l e a s e.

I am interested in collecting your first and/or
subsequent impressions.

This is not apart of any exhibition i’m working on. (yet)
(though if the response is good i will consider compiling it into a book and bind a limited number of copies and distribute it to the participants)
This is just something to take us away from our
monotony of work or studies or whatever it is we do.

A distraction or a reflection, how ever you wish to
see it.

We need not be artists of any kind, nor even know how
to draw or have any particular art skill.
This may be the moment you’d like to experiment with
creativity (if you have not already).
You can do it as many times as you wish and in as many
creative ways as it pleases you.

Every person is different.
Their sense of what creation, creativity and taste is,
WILL differ.
So there’s no need to compare yourself with anyone

If at this point you have some interest (or oozing
excitement) in trying this out, or if you want to ask
me anything about it, do contact me.
Once you're ready, i'll pass the piece of text
to you.

Hope to hear from you soon.


  1. well well, if curiousity killed the cat then I am a zombified kitten, meoorrwwwuuu... let me in...

  2. haha! the optimus prime of mad hatters ;D
    let me get back home to bangalore and we can get started!
    gonna hunt you down on fb now!