Jun 20, 2009

About Hari Naren

Hari’s spark for art began at an early age. Though self-driven, his fire was fuelled by the many art camps he had attended, and fanned by his decision to specialize and complete his Degree in Art History, at Shantiniketan, West Bengal (2009). Hari believes that a strong ground in history helps one to appreciate and engage better, the art that is to come.

It was through Art College that Hari unlocked his freedom to creatively explore all forms of art to eventually widen his gravitational hold for the media of print and textiles. Mythical figures, portraits, bright Indian hues and traditional motifs have been the identifying marks of his works, since he can remember.

“Painting has always been my passion.
It has changed the way I look at even the smallest things in life;
becoming a language for me, through which I express myself.”


  1. a promising young fella =)

    i like the (comic) jewellery in his reflection