Jun 8, 2009

Six Summer's Monsoons

Seasons have, more often than not, been discussed as an experience external to us. 
The changes of intensity of the sun’s light have determined the dormancy, vibrancy, 
migrations and hibernations of most creatures on earth.

As much as it is happens outside of us, much of art, through its myriad forms, 
have shown us that it is also an internal phenomena. 
Carolyn Kleefeld, in her book, ‘Climates of the Mind’, had crafted poetry 
where her uniqueness lay in how she had expressed her experiences 
with the ecologies of creativity, through her biology as a woman and as a person.

Six artists, through various styles and media, have gathered to share with you, 
fragments of their inner climates.

Welcome to Six Summer’s Monsoons.

This event opens at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore on; 
Monday, 20th June 2011 at 7:00pm
Light refreshments will be available.

Live installation and artworks will be on display from 21st to 30th June,
9:00am to 8:00pm everyday (including Saturday and Sunday)

To get to the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore (click on)

Join us on facebook, where we will have more pictures to share!

For any queries, do contact me at +91 9448820631 or via email - isleeponthebedimake(at)yahoo(dot)com 


About the Artists;



  1. wish i could have seen. all the best. rock on.

  2. will post up pics, uncle!

    had been meaning to respond to your stunt man note =)
    it added to the already-made mystery that i hold of you.
    i should plan a trip on over to your side