Dec 25, 2008


CITYSIGNALS:"Initiated by Archana Prasad and Neurotesque, and joined by My Left-handed Cousin and Nikhil Narendra.
It is an open platform where movement artists, visual artist, vocalists, musicians and the audience can interact in real time with the performers and the performance.

The project has a core documentary crew - Saurabh, Apurva and Mithun who follow the work-process and interventions closely." - 2009
Photographic credit to Apurva Mathad

CITYSIGNALS @ Jaaga: "CitySignals is a Docu-Performance project in which visual and sound artists explore public and private spaces in the city. The artists react to the space and its people, weaving their audio and visual samples into their performance in real-time.

The idea of creating a common space for artists, technologists and the public got CitySignals interested in Jaaga - an urban art-architecture experiment. We decided to intervene in this space as it was being built.

This film highlights the issues that artists face in the fast growing city of Bangalore and how such mobile spaces can solve some of the problems faced by urban India." - 2009
Photographic credit to: Archana Prasad


Space collects
both private and public
by Anmari Van Nieuwenhove.

A section of my room became part of her collection.


An installation + video by Subashini Balasubramaniam, where she had been exploring the relation between sound, visuals and emotions (inspired by 16th century Ragamala paintings)

I cant remember ever being interviewed but i remember telling this to someone...
Small mention of me being 'smitten by the French accent'
heee =B
French accents and Estee Lauder's Pleasures for women.

Heres the article

aisha ramya infinity
rotary club
sand sculpture

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