On my works;

- A Roomful of Old Ladies Clattering their Fingernails: Pencil project reflections (part 1)
- Photographing Everyday - "Collecting Fragments" Page 1, Page 2, Page 3- (Distributed during the exhibition)
- Six Summer's Monsoons; "The Sixth Summer's Monsoon" part 1, part 2, part 3
- The Lost Tea Leaves Series: "Observing the "Lost Tea Leaves Series"
- The Feeling Bubble of Forgetting: "Pricking "The Feeling Bubble of Forgetting" (Pre-experiment)
- Preoccupations; Things that artists do: "To Cup a Breath"
- Towards the Untaming of the Gardens of our Seas: Writeup for the exhibition booklet
- An Invitation: A perspective experiment

Other writings;

- Before you sleep, an inspection of the sutures sealing those lips
Solenoids and Circumambulations
- Petal Stain my Brick Highways
- A Coffee Sensation
- Attending to Sunlit Scribbles