Mar 7, 2009

Solenoids and Circumambulations

I like visiting temples.

In particular, i like visiting the Thiruvangaad temple in Tellicherry, Kerala and the Kapaaleeshwar temple in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I like relaxing in these two places and when i do, i seem to get a good flow of thoughts rushing in all at once.

So here's one i'd like to share;

The circumambulatory act in a temple is one which is performed by circling around something/one considered holy where holiness is a meaning of focused intensity given by one/some and sustained by a larger number of people.

A solenoid is a physics term and device that uses the electric current to create a magnetic field. I've had the pleasure of making one during my high school days by winding copper wire meticulously wound round an iron rod and then passing battery current through it. (it was fun to see an experiment i invested time to make, work.)

A little should also be mentioned about electricity.
From what i remember, electricity works by the flowing of electrons from one terminal to another. The special thing about these electrons is that they are 'loose' from the atom... so once 'charged', these free electrons move along the wire that creates the current we use.

One day, i sat and imagined the temple layout as an electrical schematic.. divided it into outer and inner layers... deciding what are the iron rods, the electrons, the resistors(as the name implies), the transistors(amplifiers), the energy storage units, whether its a closed circuit or not..

The interesting thing about that the worshipers is their sense of devotion and the concentration they achieve. That concentration allows for them to connect so deeply with their deity and themselves that their electrons run loose.
Their concentration stems from the hope that something powerful would be able to grant good health, marriage, success, money, fame, etc. It is a desire for those things where desire is but focused thought.

It becomes a matter of belief in perspective that can change the fervent worshiper from an electron to a resistor or transistor or a circuit board itself.

So i wonder when people talk about a place being charged, is it literal?
And do our actions (and thoughts) determine it?

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  1. wonderful way of looking at it. i think you are right. i have myself found certain places charged. this morning i was at the Parasurama temple at Thiruvallam. the idol shows the beautiful face of a bearded man. i found him representing all my ancestors to the very beginning. this is the place we go to pay homage to our ancestors--to offer 'bali' to those who had gone before us and those from whom we have come to be. nearly a hundred people were squatting on the floor in a long hall offering 'bali,' with a man intructing alaud each step of the ritual. i found i could trace all these people's ancestry to the bearded man there. so everyone is a blood relation; i could feel the bloodline spreading and weaving a web covering everything everywhere. everyone was full of devotion--because it is a place where we go with the memory of those whom we had loved. a different kind of current runs around the place. we don't go to this place to pray for fame and fortune and such things.