Opal Guests Peer into Winter's Tea Room:
A two month recycling project with a tea restaurant,
digesting and recombining their throw-away paper mats and coasters,
to replace the old tea works that look ready to bite the dust.
Here are some pics of its evolution.
Infinitea, Bangalore

A nine day project experimenting with textures,
using waste paper as the medium  to share
the process with curious onlookers
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore

using post-it notes and erasers,
observing the idea of revealing the art-making process,
in a public space not designated for the arts.
(2009) (43 days from conception to creation)
Gloria Jeans Coffees, Indiranagar, Bangalore

An experiment to create an installation space
using pencils, their shavings and powder
as the medium to create forms and shapes
within a shopping mall tunnel.
(2004-05) (2 months at home 2 months on site)
Tickle*art, City-Link Mall, Singapore

with food and glass as mediums of choice,
reflecting on vitamin pill-popping cultures,
for the Food Festival 2003
Raffles City, Singapore.

Bread bones: 
What i feel as my most unsuccessful project yet.
With bread as the material.