Nov 24, 2009

The Feeling Bubble of Forgetting

An installation/performance experiment,
using post-it notes and erasers,
observing the idea of revealing the art-making process,
in a public space not designated for the arts.

(How the idea took root)

- Masala Chai: A visual arts blog groomed by Pavitra Mohan had covered the work.
(Photographic credit of pencil works to John Heng)
- BS Manu Rao, of the Bangalore Mirror, covered the work in the ETC section.

Mega thanks to everyone at Gloria Jeans Coffees and CityMax for their trust and support. To all the friends i have made through this experience, i am indebted to you.


Documenting the Feeling Bubble of Forgetting

Photo documenting the process.

Video documenting the process. (incomplete)

Undressing the work.

Nikhil Narendra's "No Salary" music video. (coming soon)


  1. Hey thanks mithun ,
    After that day , i happen to go there once after you told me that the artwork to be packed .And took some of the snaps shown here . It was a nice experience .Please do keep me posted on any current assignments you are undertaking in bangalore

  2. hi,

    saw the photo's in your blog , good nice work
    tc and rgds to you and to all at home.