Feb 14, 2009

Before you sleep, an inspection of the sutures sealing those lips


let the avatars of Vishnu encircle you around your bed...
they each whisper something different..
you can hear what each avatar says..

but in your wish to sleep..
you weave their sounds..
you weave a hammock..

you start to hang suspended by their sounds...
and only hear a drone by now...
you sink into that drone.
you become smaller and smaller..
till you fall through the net..
you're falling into a space..
like clay... now yours to mold..
you can mold your self.

good night
good morning
good night

let me help stitch you up from your hard days work...

Vishnu did his work well yesterday.
he takes his leave to rest.
he lends me his conch and his lotus.
Lakshmi observes.

i knew the lotus would have some medicinal properties.
but why did Vishnu lend me his conch?
i blow a long blow..
Brahma hovers beside me and whispers what i must do...
i stand relieved..
he guides and i follow..

Laksmi bleeds her wrist
her fist facing me.. like bent blessing palms..
with her eyes closed,
blood drips the grass patch, instantly spawning flowered plants where the blood had touched...
tulsi grows around the red circumference..
i pick the red flowers and i pick the tulsi...
i grind them into brown paste.

Brahma asks me to spit into the paste till my mouth becomes dry.
he directs me to pour the mixture into the conch.. and i shake it a bit..
he assures me of a gift possessed by the conch...
'the elements must mature before moving onto the next stage' he comforts

the sound of a spitty liquid moving in the shell is turning into something much thicker...
as this happens Brahma casually talks to me of Soma

the contents of the shell start to expand and a transparent gel starts sparkling out...
it was such a sparkle! like how crystal Swarovski jewels sparkle under the sun...
shining off each colour of the rainbow like it were just born!

this gel oozes out slowly and i rush towards you before dripping it to the ground..
you're lying there half unconscious.. muttering something in your exhausted state.

Soma touches your skin and i massage it slowly into your back..
your shoulders..
your neck..

then your arms
to your spine
to your bum and then
your legs..
as it absorbs into your body,
you start describing people and places...
you describe in great detail.
i pay little attention..

i turn you over..
and i cover you from head to toe with this sparkling gel..
till you lay mummified in a gelatinous sarcophagus..
reviving ..

i stick the stem of the lotus in the gel where your mouth would be

punctured and healed,
awaken to a new day..
a new existence

(as 2 pieces shared with two close friends)

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