Aug 24, 2009

A little about myself and the blog

I am Kerala born and Dubai raised. I completed my high school education in 2000, after which i left for LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore, where i studied fine arts and graduated in 2004 with a pat on the back Degree. I'm now living in Bangalore practicing art full-time when i'm not being lazy or doing other things.

Though i find myself working with many mediums, i identify my art self with the installations which help re-look common materials while exposing the process to the public. Transience, decay and an object's frailty have always have always been topics of interest to me.

I've set some time to make this blog to keep track of the art related things i have experimented or participated. This is more to serve my memory and at the same time to share with people who may be interested what i've been upto. There is much missing or requires compiling.. But i hope to find them along the way. (after which i can delete this sentence)

I've named this blog so, as it stemmed out of a dream after which i associated it with a class i sat in during college;

The dream was of an anaconda-like snake on a flat green patch of what was surrounded by a dusk-lit mountainous landscape... The colours were something like looking at things on a bright day but at a moment of an eclipse... Or like scenes from a TV version of 'Klute'.. that 70s feel through a television.

I remember observing this snake swallowing an enormous filamentous bulb...
It had to dislodge its lower jaw to do so.. It was that big!
A quarter way through its belly, i could see the bulb lighting up by its self..

Getting brighter and brighter and brighter..
The filaments intensity more visible.
It was beautiful! The veins and innards were being made translucent by the light.
The heart pumping.. the blood flow.. all movement... so clear!
Like a High-Definition Discovery Channel.

But its was also clear that the snake was in pain from the heat. It was being scorched from the inside. You could smell it cooking by just looking at it writhing.

The only thing it could do was to crush the glass through a final act of peristalsis.
This pierced its heart and skin. Bleeding, it was throwing its body around uncontrollably in pain...
Till it lay still...
And the filaments glow waned to non-existence.

When recalling this dream, i remembered a class (many years back) where our lecturer had been talking about how he longed to see more people possessing a 'fire in the belly' as he'd call it... the intense drive and passion to be and to create. It was a class i will not forget and this is a dream i link it to...

Find and enjoy your fire in the belly and have a great day ahead.

Do take time to look through the pages. Feedback is most appreciated. For comments, collaborations, chit-chats, etc. i am contactable via email: isleeponthebedimake(at)yahoo(dot)com

Warm regards,
Mithun Jayaram

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