Nov 27, 2009

The Lost Tea Leaves Series

An experiment playing with the possibilities of reusing throw-away tea leaves and powder as a collaborative effort between Infinitea and Mithun Jayaram.

(Why is it called the LOST tea leaves series?)

If in Bangalore, we invite you and your family & friends to relax with a pot of tea and great food under this loungy feel situated at 2, Shah Sultan Complex, Cunningham Road.

- Christine Rillo who works for Adagio Teas wrote this very inspiring article.
- Catherine V. Bainbridge wrote this for her blog.
- Kanika Singh, who works for Buzz in Town, Bangalore, had written this on the Lost Tea Leaves Series.

Many thanks to Gaurav, Deeksha and the many pillars who hold up this very special place.


Documenting the Lost Tea Leaves Series

Photo documents.

Video documents. (coming soon)

Videos for Infinitea. (coming soon)

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