Dec 20, 2009

Between feathered lines and other torn pages of the mind

These drawings started off from making scratch marks with a pin on black sheets of paper..

Layered line after line.. till one day i connected those lines with a pen instead and it went on to a series of free-form (or self constrained) sketches... It evolved to be something like this.

More to come.


  1. beautiful sketches, Mithun. what struck me with the first are the spaces of void in the bottom half that lifts the drawing out of the mechanical to something with free possibilities. the other sketch speaks of symmetry and also the freedom beyond symmetries. beautiful. hats off to my nephew!!!

  2. thanks, uncle Venu..
    have about 18 books of stuff like this..
    just one of my experiments the past 6 years...

    gotta share something..
    just got back home from our exhibition space at UB city..
    had a fantastic time today!
    Soraya and i decided to work on waste paper strips collected as refuse from having printed our booklets...
    its interesting how its peaking curiosity =)

    many kids and adults alike are getting to be part of a process that we dont know if its reaching anywhere(at this point).. but can see is being enjoyed by public interaction =)