Nov 16, 2009


For even the smallest event to occur, there are an incredible number of circumstances and people motioning the ebb and flow that lead to the crescendo of a tiny moment such as an exhibition.

We thank our parents, families and our friends for their immense patience and support showered upon us. 

Uzma Zaid and her colleagues have shown us incredible generosity; for which all you see was made possible by her encouragement, support and enthusiasm for artists like us. 
The security guards and house-keeping crew whom we have befriended through our being there.

Rangaraj, Pushpa and everyone involved at Bhaskers Art Centre along Avenue Road. 

Das, whose lighting helped save the day.

Bhushan (open-hearted, walking fountain of ideas), of Wagtail Productions, who, through his suggestions, helped open our views to an incredible presentation.

Vaaman, Rajendra and Rahul of Gallery Blue Spade and Coral Art Gallery for their invaluable suggestions.

Multi thanks to Mel, Ven, Nir, Jay for your Energizer support! Vibes of well wishes and good fortune headed your way. =)  


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