Nov 14, 2009

About Mithun Jayaram

Kerala born and Dubai raised Mithun Jayaram graduated with a Fine Art Honours (1st Class) Degree through LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts(Singapore) in 2004. Upon graduation, he was awarded a scholarship to undertake a research trip to Romania where his experiences were documented and published through LASALLE. He has collaborated with numerous award-winning artists in Singapore and has participated in a number of exhibitions in Singapore and India that have been critically well received.

Mithun's new set of drawings is based on an exercise he imposed upon himself over a six year period, now bound in 18 notebooks. The exercise was for him to use a simple ball-point pen and draw an uninterrupted line without removing the nib from the page of his notebook till satisfied with the form, after which he would shade it where he felt necessary. 
Over the years, the drawings evolved to more complex forms, slowly diverting away from the original strictness while maintaining his love of organic abstractions. This drawing set ends his two dimensional journey as he makes his transition to develop these 2D forms into a series of objects and textural experiments.

Though Mithun finds himself exploring textures and ideas of transience/frailty/recyclability through various mediums, he identifies his art-self with labour-intensive installations that help his audience to re-look common materials (pencils, burnt matchsticks, toothpicks, etc) found in stationary shops and supermarkets or even our homes. The sharing of the art-making experience is what he considers of greater value, than the final product.

Mithun determines the success of such works by the curiosity invoked through the making of his  installations.


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