Dec 3, 2009


Organic Metal:
Using arc wielding rods as the medium, a good portion of my second year art school was spent at the sculpture studio.

Some experiments. 2002

New works. 2009-10

Matchstick Experiments:
Experiments using matchsticks as a medium.

Vids n Pics
2004, 2007

Experiments using cotton.

More experiments prior to using them for the recycling fabric project.

Experiments using bread

1 comment:

  1. am so excited about the new works

    a friend had brought back some pics of my older works from Singapore... and that really revved up my engines to revive my pseudo-wielding skills once again.

    this is gonna be a gift for me dadz and am in the train of collecting pics, safety equipment and playing around with designs...

    (a squirrel is climbing up our garden creepers like how Theseus trod the Labyrinth)